Fertilizer Scales

If your company blends fertilizer, the following information is important for you and your customers.

Scale Designs keeps delivering:

Revolutionary Designs

for retrofitting hopper/blender fertilizer scales with Stainless Steel frames with load cells and pre-wired for connection to your digital indicator


  • NTEP certified in 5 lb increments to provide precision weighing with accuracy beyond the capabilities of any known mechanical scale.
  • Field tested in cooperatives in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Kentucky for up to and over seven years with users saying it was one of their best investments. Now they’re installed from coast to coast.
  • With no levers, pivots, bearings or moving parts, you virtually eliminate concerns about EPA regulations prohibiting washing down your fertilizer scale.
  • Drastically reduce the possibility for incorrect mixes along with potential undesirable consequences.
  • Savings in inventory, maintenance and speed will pay for this revolutionary weighing system within a short period even if your old mechanical scale still works (sort of).
  • For accurate mixes, good inventory control, low maintenance, faster scales, and reduced or eliminated state rejections, call us or have your dealer call us today.


Name 1

A new scale was delivered to Mathis Farm Supply in Melber, KY on a Saturday at 9:00 AM. By 11:30 AM, the scale technician had finished, installing, calibrating and was on his way. By customer request, the scale was calibrated with weights above capacity.

scale 3-07b

When Adams Fertilizer in Senath, MO received their new fertilizer scale, a key employee used a front end loader and installed the new scale ... by himself... in about 3 hours. He said he may have finished sooner but he took time out for a snack. Their scale company calibrated and put it into service. While we can’t recommend this approach, don’t you admire the attitude and ingenuity of the employee?

Adams New 2

CPS upgraded this Waconia fertilizer blender with a Scale Designs stainless steel scale retrofit.


CPS upgraded this Doyle fertilizer blender with a Scale Designs stainless steel scale retrofit.


Scale Designs new fertilizer blender/hopper scales are in service from Interior Reforestation Co. Ltd in  Cranbrook, BC to Texas and from Western Farm Services in Hillsboro, OR (Ken bought two retrofit scale systems for existing blenders and a 3rd scale for a new Speed King Blender and then bought 3 more for custom liquid blending for Oregon Vineyard Supply Company) to Carolina-Eastern in  Benson, NC and Southern States in Virginia and from Tennessee Farmers Coops, Agrium, Crop Production Services, Sur-Gro, MFA Producers Exchange to independent fertilizer dealer/distributor plants throughout the country.

With the cost of fertilizer today .... isn’t it about time (and money) for you to replace the old mild steel scale frames?


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