About Us

In 1996, the Royster Clark plant in Paris, TN was interested in a fully electronic stainless steel scale to replace the dilapidated mild steel mechanical scale under their stainless steel vertical blender. Some manufacturers had tried and failed so we had a heads up and designed a fully electronic stainless steel scale that has stood the test of time in locations throughout the Southeast. After seven years the original system was moved to South Carolina. From there we installed many, many more retrofit scales and they are all still working as advertised. Recently we asked the former Paris manager, now at a different location, about that scale. After several years he confirmed that it was then and still is the best solution for fertilizer hopper scales. To our knowledge we are the only company that has successfully designed, developed, manufactured, and installed fully electronic stainless steel scales for fertilizer blenders.

In 2005, we decided to make the plunge and go for NTEP Certification.

As a small company we could not use a controlled laboratory environment for the grueling NTEP testing process. We went to a fertilizer dealer in Missouri that needed a new scale and worked out an arrangement for them to use the scale in a real life environment with the NCWM (National Conference on Weights and Measures) representative from Kansas to perform the evaluation for the

National Type Evaluation Program
Certificate of Conformance
for Weighing and Measuring Devices

as an inspector from the State of Missouri observed the evaluation process. Our on site folks knew the scale was the best available but they also knew that it was being tested in a hostile environment with real life weather and with the cooperation and help of a fertilizer dealer who wanted the scale but mostly wanted to get back to a normal operation. Every component, particularly the frame, was subjected to rigorous and expensive testing procedures before the scales were NTEP certified. At the time, we were not thrilled about the time and expense, but now we have the only NTEP certified fully electronic Stainless Steel scale (that we know about) that is legal for trade with fertilizer blenders/tanks/weigh hoppers. We are using some design elements (trade secrets) not easily duplicated. that are unique to our scale and that is part of the reason Scale Designs fertilizer blender/hopper scales are in service from Interior Reforestation Co. Ltd in Cranbrook, BC to Texas and from Western Farm Services in Hillsboro, OR (Ken bought two retrofit scale systems for existing blenders and a 3rd scale for a new Speed King Blender and then bought 3 more for custom liquid blending for Oregon Vineyard Supply Company) to Carolina-Eastern in Benson, NC and Southern States in Virginia.


The stainless steel frame is shipped pre-wired with all components installed and custom fitted to match the fittings on your vertical blender or weigh-hopper. Typical installation takes 2- 4 hours. NTEP certified for up to 12 tons.


Ask us why our scale out performs any mechanical scale on the market! We can prove it. Does any mild steel mechanical scale really stand up to the test .... the test of time?

1286 Bell Store Road
Mckenzie, TN 38201






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