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Fertilizer Hopper/Blender Scales
Better Than New

Scales that looked like this:

Replaced with our Stainless Steel Scales (palletized for shipping) that look like this....

And since they are stainless, they will last as long as your fertilizer hopper and/or blending system. The last fertilizer scales you will ever need to buy for your current fertilizer blending system.

Scale Designs develops and manufactures fertilizer hopper scales, fertilizer blender scales, general purpose hopper scales, tank scales and fertilizer dealer scale management systems and custom scales and weighing systems.

A simple test to verify that any proposed weighing system is legal for trade. The scale (weighing/load-receiving element) must have an NTEP Certificate and the certificate number along with the nomical capacity must be permanently affixed to the scale. In addition, it must be used with an NTEP certified weight indicator and NTEP certified load cells. Independent mounts can’t be NTEP certified and certified load cells, indicators, etc are never legal for trade if there is no NTEP certificate for the scale or weighing/load-receiving element.

Our scales are shipped with everything you need for a legal for trade scale except the indicator. We offer indicators from cost effective to feature rich but many of our customers already have working digital indicators.

More companies that blend fertilizer are replacing their fertilizer hopper/blender scales with our scales than all the other replacement scales put together. Call us or ask your dealer to call. Unfortunately there are still some dealers who do not want to give up the never ending revenue stream from mild steel mechanical scales.


Fertilizer eats mild steel, it makes our scale shiny
Why replace your old fertilizer scale with another antiquated, error prone, mild steel mechanical scale when Scale Designs has a proven, technologically advanced stainless steel solution for your mild steel problem? 

A retrofittede Waconia Hopper Scale

We are pleased that ag retailer Nutrien Ag Solutions installed our retrofit SS Scales in  Oregon and  South Carolina and almost every state in between, Midwest-based regional farm supply company MFA installed our SS Scales in Missouri and surrounding states, Agland, Southern States, Goldstar FS and other FS groups, Co-Alliance, Producers Exchange, Sur-Gro, Pinnacle, Jimmy Sanders, ADM and all the farmers too many to mention. But our biggest customer base has come from independent ag retailers from coast to coast and from Texas into Canada and finally we are proud to continue working closely with Tennessee Farmers Cooperative (TFC), Greenpoint Ag and the 52 member Co-ops and 11 associate members in neighboring states that own TFC and the roughly 70,000 farmers who are member-owners of the local Co-ops in their home counties.

Why Scale Designs?

  • Stainless steel at mild steel prices
  • NTEP approved … legal for trade, no requirement for another scale
  • No moving parts for fertilizer to obstruct
  • Calibrated in 5 lb increments for precision weighing
  • Space age poly-block (Patent Pending) Integrated design
    • Reduces binding from changing temps
    • Increases protection from lightning
    • Reduces shock and vibration

Scale Designs has the solution for your fertilizer scale problem.

Did your mild steel mechanical scale pass its biggest test ...the test of time?

Our Scale Fits Your
Vertical Blender or Weigh Hopper

Old Kraus - 1
Old Doyle - 3
red arrow - 1

This old Kraus gets a face lift

red arrow - 1

This 5-ton Doyle appeared to be worn out. Now look at it!

New Kraus - 1

Another Waconia vertical blender is back in action!


It turns out only the scale needed to be replaced and years later, they’re still working quite well,

Thank You!


Fertilizer eats mild steel scales, it makes our Stainless Steel scale SHINY”!

For Clarification:
A few scale dealers do not understand that our scale has been certified as a complete weighing system for the requirements mentioned above. Perhaps because some companies attempted to put stands under the corners of a hopper, hook up load cells and an indicator and say it is NTEP Certified. It is not! Some simply don’t want to give up the service revenue generated by mechanical scales. Several years ago when TN became an NTEP state, we were not happy about having to go through the rigorous National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP) conducted by the National Conference on Weights and Measures (NCWM) but we did and now we’re happy we did.

Important note: Every component, particularly the frame, was subjected to rigorous and expensive testing procedures before the scales were NTEP certified. At the time, we were not thrilled about it, but now we have the only NTEP certified fully electronic Stainless Steel scale (that we know about) that is legal for trade with fertilizer blenders/tanks/weigh hoppers. We are using some design elements (trade secrets) that are unique to our scale. References from major fertilizer vendors and independents are available on request. Our customers are our best salespeople.

The stainless steel frame is shipped pre-wired with all components installed and custom fitted to match the fittings on your vertical blender or weigh-hopper. Typical installation takes 2- 4 hours. NTEP certified for up to 12 tons.

Length, width, height, size of plates, hole pattern on plates or legs for Kraus are adjusted to match your blender or hopper.


If your scale breaks,

call us or have your dealer call us.

We can get you back in operation with a new scale faster than anyone else that we know about. Typical delivery is about a week to ten days but when all our orders are for working replacements we will attempt to replace broken scales first


that can be pretty fast!

SD Pic_1

Certificate Number: 06-021


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